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Photo And Design By Alicia Watson

Photo And Design By Alicia Watson

About 2003 I discovered the digital scene. Around 2005 I was addicted. This was a new thing when it came to promoting music and interacting online with people all over the world. I was one of the first artist that broke the internet …in a different way (Origin). I have several other gifts and through social media I was able to connect to another FREQUENCY.



This Episode: Photo, Word Art, Lyrics, Production, Promo, Logo & Web Design By Alicia M. Watson

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β€œCome On” (A Capella) Vocals, Writing & Arrangement By Severe180 (Alicia Watson)

This song is about courting and spending time with someone because you both are always busy but you continue to serenade in the most hopeless romantic way to spend time together. (Created/Released About 3 years ago) Crooner Type.

click the image above to read blunts & discussions with severe180

click the image above to read blunts & discussions with severe180

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The Next Scene Is Called "Where Did You Hear It" Written, Prod, & Performed By Severe180.  Eye Created Another Vibe To The Previous Track "Ear Relevant" I Wanted To Work On My Production Skills.  Using Native Instruments Equipment, I Was Able To Capture The Sound That I Was Looking For.  There Was Also ALOT Of Hard Work And Time Put Into This As Well.

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Story: "I Can't Lie To Myself" Written By Severe180 Prod By Cosh-N (Video Recorded And Edited By Alicia (Severe180) Watson (2015)

This Is My First Complete Video Editing Project That Eye Recorded Myself.  Check it Out 

I Had Some Fun Creating This To Help With The Learning Process Of Editing .  I Later Learned How To Sync The Words Better With The Movements.. Kind Of Looks Like A Martial Arts Video For This Lesson. :)   ALOT OF .....WORK!

i Started Recording My Own Vocals At The Age Of 5 (1985) With A Tape Deck Recorder From Radio Shack That I Got For My Birthday ( DOB 4-1-180 )  (Still Got Tha Tape!!.)  In (1988) At 8 Years old, I Got My First Computer $300.00 From Radio Shack When Making Payments On It Was Tha Latest Thing In! :)  I started Studying Sound Early By Listening To ALOT of Records.  I Didn't Care About What Type Of Sound, But How The Vibe Of The Sound Effected My Creativity.  I Learned How To Sing, Then Create Poetry, Then Rhyme, Then Battle Rap, Then Produce, Then Engineer (In The Audio Category ) and I'm Still Learning To Get Better At My Craft...(PRACTICE) Not Too Humble Not Too Cocky. But Aware Of My Worth.      (Bio)  also (Interviews)

If You Would Like To Hear The Mindset Of Severe180's Lyrical Creativity Journey Click The Link To Hear A Variety Of Perspectives From At Catalog Of Bars! From 1994-2018    (There Are Some That You Have To Find With The Additional Links As Well )

I Also Started Studying How To Mix So There Is An Audio Book (Ear=Relevant/The Audio Book) Where I Recorded Myself, Mixed It, And Mastered It.  ...Sounds Like...Tape Deck Quality. :) Still Dope, But The Entire Time You Will Probably Say...Who Tha F*** Mixed This.??! :)   iGot Better Tho.

The Updated Works Have A Quality Sound. Check It Out

The Habitual Writers Agency (Nah B**ch, Greatness Is A Habit) Est 2003

In Affiliation With Ear Relevant Productions (Visit Our BIO)

  • *Created By Alicia Watson/Severe180 (Creative Director/Writer/Producer/Designer/Film Treatment Ideas/Executive Producer


Eye Write Lyrics To All Genres Of Music, Create Film Treatments For Film, TV, Radio, & Commercials

also currently, in the process of learning film, acting and improv 


I Also Wanted To Experience Creating A Podcast I Call It "Mind Traveling" (Check It Out) Then I Created An Update Blog "Blunts & Discussions" (Updating In A Various Ways) I Never Say I Have It All Figured Out...It Is A...Discussion :) Constantly Learning.


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  • 25 year journey and still learning. rejection is only re direction!





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Alicia Watson/Severe180 (Creative Director, Writer, Executive Producer) The Habitual Writers Agency And Ear Relevant Productions

Alicia Watson/Severe180 (Creative Director, Writer, Executive Producer) The Habitual Writers Agency And Ear Relevant Productions