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Alicia M. Watson (the creative director/artist-writer) +

Severe180 (the character, the artist) = Me.

Alicia Watson/Severe180 was born in Kansas City, Kansas 4.1.80

The early years were similar to the typical story you would usually hear. I went from living in the city housing system to a semi-suburban area (culture variety.)

As far back as I could remember, I've been drawn to creativity. Music became the bond that I could never break. The day that I got my first recording deck, it was non-stop from there.   We didn't have much, but we had just enough to make us appreciate what we did have. I spent several hours trying to figure out the format of a song.

This turned into several years of studying the craft of making thoughts become art.  

I've been a socializing loaner as far back as I could remember. I loved the crowd, but I also enjoyed my time alone to just ...write..create...and to visualize building inspiration that I could share.  I'm also a team player but I do believe in chemistry and finding that type of vibe...should not be forced.  It should inspire us as a unit.

I started memorizing songs as early as four years old.  Soon after that, I began to create my own.  Poetry, Lyrics, and sound became a part of me.  As a teenager, I wasn't really interested in rhyming until someone brought it to my attention that I should rhyme more after hearing me play around taking that shit (lyrical cipher) at the lunch tables, that's when I really started to take it seriously.

As the years went on, I started to network in various places (locally and out of town.) Just like the story of most upcoming artist that have always been around that you've never really heard of, there have been highs and lows on this journey.  There was a time when I did several shows, featured on several albums and dealt with a variety of personalities. (Practice)

There was also a time when I was so exhausted from my consistent work ethic and I fell completely apart for several years.  I was trying to find the balance between continuously pursuing my passion, my purpose the gift and maintaining the family, dealing with my failures, and my social life. I completely broke down.  I refused to give up on myself and I continued to move forward to turn my situation around for the best.  I learned the art of writing, (rough singing) the basics of engineering, producing, directing, amateur digital art, editing, and script writing.

When I felt alone that is when I became closer to God (higher unknown frequency) that is when I practiced the most on my craft, that is when I tried to understand why my decisions lead me towards a certain path. Those experiences not only built my character, but it shaped my vision.

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In 2005 I created The Habitual Writers Agency and my current chapter now includes Ear Relevant Productions

The Think Group Network- Channel It. 

My current chapter:  It's been close to 28 years since I first wrote a story that rhymed.  Through it all, I just kept writing. 

Websites: www.severe180.com / Ear-Relevant-Productions.com