Recent Interview #IAM TV

Handle It - Lyrics by Severe180/Music (Ancient Language) See Credits After Video. I invited several people to join me for this video and I appreciate who showed up.  It didn't go as planned, but we made it work.  There was so much confusion with the message in this song.  It was originally designed for a photo shoot to compliment and add confidence.  It was fun finding the location for this video I happened to see it from the highway. 

I Can't Lie To Myself - Lyrics by Severe180 Music by Corey {Cosh-N) Mcdonald: Recorded/Edited by Alicia M. Watson

Credits for Alicia Watson's (Owner) Photos & at *Cafe Gratitude By LBGraphicz Also (See Credits After Videos) 

Photo/Video Concepts By Alicia Watson/Severe180

When Love - Lyrics by Severe180/Designed/Edited by Alicia Watson Music by 9th Wonder ( I do not own the rights to the track)


I recorded this several years ago in attempt to explain the direction of the company. Stay Tuned for more updates