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Welcome to Take a look around. This website and energy is designed to read like an article and/or chapter. There is more to come, but for now Mind Travel. Severe180 is the artist represented on this page check out the bio to find out more about an artist that you will definitely become inspired by.

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The podcast section is periodically updated. the messages resonate and manifest in different ways. It will be updated in time. consistent growth. Thank you for listening! there are other gifts that we have. listen then take a look around.

Listen to several inspiring, thought provoking messages expressed by Alicia Watson (Severe180) *Mental Health & Topics ( I never speak like I have it all figured out, but I can share my experiences and insight)


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Topic: Changes. Expect More From Yourself Than You Do Others -Ancient Proverb


Topic: Regardless of how I am perceived, I remain myself. - Ancient Proverb (Elaborated Discussion) Listen.

We are not supposed to fit into some category of this is how you are supposed to look, act or you don't belong type of idea. I learned that there will be different types of people that I don't necessarily agree with, or like everything that they’re into but they are not so terrible that we can't recognize our wrongs, be better versions of ourselves and respect individuality. You might miss out on some dope ass people if you only see them on the surface, if you are listening to other people and/or are trying to force them into becoming exactly what or how you feel they should be when behind closed doors some are not what they are on the surface. Finding out for yourself is an incredible thing.

Shii you don’t have to like it, Somebody


Topic: You won't always "feel in love" That's why relationships need more than feelings to last - Ancient Proverb (Elaborated) Therapy (Listen) To each its own.

There is definitely several illusions that have been destroyed with what I’ve learned about relationships, and talking to several people about it. Learning the truth and not just because it is what people want to hear.

Some illusions just need to be destroyed.

Understanding when some people are in relationships, they may not be in the same type of relationship. Clarity.

We are constantly told what the perfect couple should do, look like etc that some create that illusion no matter what it takes. I’ve seen some of the best relationships thrive from just loving to be around each other, and giving each other space, communication and so on. Or fail/succeed behind closed doors unhappily when people are just with each other for convenience.

You cannot expect that from a relationship that is built off of an illusion.

*I do not speak as if I have it all figured out. I have not been in every type of relationship to give all of the answers..but what I do know is that it is not always what it seems. No judgement.

Easier Said.


Topic: When you don't move like everybody else, it bothers certain people.

- Ancient Proverb

I just have to make sure that I am moving forward and not in circles.

Healing yourself is very important. There will be days where feeling alone is only a re-direction of your path, however we all have to realize when we have to put in the additional work (mentally) to change the course. This may take a lot of time, be patient with yourself but also recognize when it is time to take action after being paralyzed in thought to heal. Never stop believing in you, encourage yourself on the way.

Noticeable Things. (Maturity Levels)

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Story: "I Can't Lie To Myself" Written By Severe180 Prod By Cosh-N (Video Recorded And Edited By Alicia (Severe180) Watson (2015)

This Is My First Complete Video Editing Project That Eye Recorded Myself.  Check it Out 

I Had Some Fun Creating This To Help With The Learning Process Of Editing .  I Later Learned How To Sync The Words Better With The Movements.. Kind Of Looks Like A Martial Arts Video For This Lesson. :)   ALOT OF .....WORK!


i Started Recording My Own Vocals At The Age Of 5 (1985) With A Tape Deck Recorder From Radio Shack That I Got For My Birthday ( DOB 4-1-180 )  (Still Got Tha Tape!!.)  In (1988) At 8 Years old, I Got My First Computer $300.00 From Radio Shack When Making Payments On It Was Tha Latest Thing In! :)  I started Studying Sound Early By Listening To ALOT of Records.  I Didn't Care About What Type Of Sound, But How The Vibe Of The Sound Effected My Creativity.  I Learned How To Sing, Then Create Poetry, Then Rhyme, Then Battle Rap, Then Produce, Then Engineer (In The Audio Category ) and I'm Still Learning To Get Better At My Craft...(PRACTICE) Not Too Humble Not Too Cocky. But Aware Of My Worth.      (Bio)  also (Interviews)

If You Would Like To Hear The Mindset Of Severe180's Lyrical Creativity Journey Click The Link To Hear A Variety Of Perspectives From At Catalog Of Bars! From 1994-2018    (There Are Some That You Have To Find With The Additional Links As Well )

I Also Started Studying How To Mix So There Is An Audio Book (Ear=Relevant/The Audio Book) Where I Recorded Myself, Mixed It, And Mastered It.  ...Sounds Like...Tape Deck Quality. :) Still Dope, But The Entire Time You Will Probably Say...Who Tha F*** Mixed This.??! :)   iGot Better Tho.

The Updated Works Have A Quality Sound. Check It Out

The Habitual Writers Agency (Nah B**ch, Greatness Is A Habit) Est 2003

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Listen to the writer Severe180 ‘s sound recordings through out the years. The creative lyrics, concepts and melodies designed by Severe180 not only created the song, but created a sound that described her surroundings, writing potentials, growth, creativity, challenges and story telling skills (every song sounds like a short film.) One of greatest attributes is finding the right producers, sounds etc to develop the chemistry necessary to make an incredible song. You can hear the passion and hard work in he.r voice and style. S.he spent YEARS developing her craft.

Credit where credit is due… and long overdue. Thankful for the true fans that understand the process, the journey, and the setbacks that created such an amazing rebellious artist and creator.


Humble Confidence.

My first attempt to explain the brand. More Updates Coming Stay Tuned!



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Blunts & Discussions 21 & Older (Warning Explicit Content Included) Travel Through The Mind Of An Artist. Read The Thread **** for the typos 

Follow this twitter feed ( @severe180) read the thread to add the visually shared knowledge, word topics and perceptions to the connections (elaborations and conversations) I don’t talk like I have everything figured out, but I can share some experiences and topics…thought provoking.




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